To contact us:

Phone: 520-885-5908, ask for Lori

Fax: 520-885-3109


Leader Duties



 Social - Be sure we have enough parents to help for each fund raiser.

Try one team at a time and get parents from that team for one fundraiser. When we need another group of parents, (e.g. Dec 4th for the Spaghetti Dinner) ask parents from another team.† This would help get everyone involved.† Be sure to have ten adults for each occasion.† Check the new calendar for the dates you need parentsí help.† Teens should run bake sales.


 Pennies - Continue to think of ways to enhance competition among teens in the penny drive.

Stay in contact with all leaders, making sure they remind their teens to bring their pennies in to avoid pressure and panic at the end of the drive.


 Service - Set schedules for working fundraisers.

Set up should be done by those who cannot be at the function itself.

We need: drink & dinner servers; teens to work with desserts; one team to clear tables after dinner, one to take down the tables, one to do dishes, one to clean the O'leary room, one to do gym floor, and one to be sure the kitchen is clean.

Please type up a list for me before each fundraiser so that I know who is supposed to be where.


 Spiritual - continue to take charge of the various ministries.

Be sure that every Mass is covered with two readers and at least four ushers. Make sure that everyone follows the directives Fr. Tamminga gave us.



We have changed your duties since our last meeting.† You are to be sure everyone has signed in. Duties include checking with John Brindley to see if people have turned in their ticket money or other fundraiser money when applicable, ensuring that teens sign in when they bring baked goods and when working the fundraisers, etc


 Publicity & Communication

Get fliers out when needed. You will be my contacts to relay messages I give to you either by text, e-mail, or phone.† You are to contact the leaders and they are to contact their teams.


All leaders are responsible to notify their teams regarding all functions and any Youth Group events and plans. A suggestion: each team pick one member to do the team contacting for each month.


Leaders Duties